Nanjing Meng Hui Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd. engaged in interior decoration art design industry and the advertising creative design has already lasted nine years. The system has Meng Hui architectural decoration engineering team, the material finished processing factory. Teaching art exam grading, art engineering design department of agricultural products, aquatic products breeding and sales department. At present, the company has formed a building decoration design, graphic decoration design, architectural decoration, construction, construction, production in one of the complete industrial chain. Companies continue to transcend the limitations of self thinking, with keen insight to discover every potential market opportunities, with a professional spirit, relying on the complete industrial chain system for the company's customer service.
Professional service operation system
From project to project execution, a complete management system, precise time node, the highly effective executive force and detail to control, let the customer 100% rest assured.
Many in the field of cooperation resources
Years of accumulation cooperation mechanism, form a strong strategic partner channel network, can provide convenient the project need and supplies high quality personnel.
Address; Nanjing City Drum Tower District housekeeper bridge 65-1 pro.
Address of the factory; Nanjing Pukou Shiqiao Industrial Park.
Nanjing agricultural base; Hengxi town Jiangning District of Nanjing city.